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Comments from our Clients


"The portraits are fantastic - we are extremely pleased! You have really captured the spirit of our children and we think the portrait of our daughter is one of the best works we have ever seen of yours."
—T. J., Charlotte, NC

*    *    *

"Yesterday your masterpiece of our daughter arrived. Words cannot describe how excited we were when the painting was exposed for viewing. It is the most beautiful portrait I have ever seen. You have captured our daughter for eternity, what a marvelous feat!"
—C. S., Knoxville, TN

*    *    *

"I’ve been impressed with your work from the very first ad. I searched for years throughout Europe and the US for the right artist to paint my children. I knew when we decided to have you paint their portraits that we wouldn’t be disappointed. Not only were we not disappointed, we are delighted - you have exceeded my wildest expectations!"
—M. C., Atlanta, GA

*    *    *

"I am thrilled beyond belief! You have totally captured my children! What a wonderful birthday surprise! You are brilliant and unequaled in your talent ... you truly are a master!"
—L. C., Ft Myers, FL

*    *    *

"When I saw the portraits of our children ... well, I fell to my knees with tears of delight. What a wonderful Christmas present! Robert, you are a genius and I thank you for creating with such sensitivity and talent the image of my loved ones which I will cherish for the rest of my life."
—E. K., Santa Barbara, CA


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