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Museum Quality Frames Created By Robert Schoeller Studios

Frame Gallery...-Portrait Artist Robert Schoeller first started painting portraits over 30 years ago. One common question his clients would ask him about their portraits is if he knew of a source for museum-quality gilt frames which he could recommend to both compliment and yet not detract from his portraits. He researched the US market and was unable to find a frame resource which met with his high standards and varieties of gold leaf tone and patina which his caliber of artwork mandates. In an effort to provide his clients with a completed, harmonious work of art and to ensure that the beauty of his portraits and other paintings were not detracted from, Robert Schoeller established his own in-house frame shop where he could closely direct the design, quality and color selections thus customizing each frame to
its intended painting.

-Robert Schoeller relentlessly combed through the antique markets and auction houses in Europe until he was able to collect a selection of frame styles which would compliment his paintings.

-Through time, experimentation and artistic application, he was able to then create a new way of replicating these frames for his use and for the use of his clients. Each frame is individually custom made to fit each painting. Each frame is hand crafted using both wood and modern casting materials. The frame is then given a base coat of the same formulation used on the original frames from centuries ago, forming the foundation for the final hues. Despite drying times of several days to a week, the end result is superior to modern quick drying materials. Once the base has thoroughly dried the frame is gilded in either gold or bronze based on Robert Schoeller's choice of color. Artist Robert Schoeller will select the finish from among the following finishing methods: hand painted gold to add artistic charm to the frame, gold spray for enhanced control of "shadow" areas or gold leaf for it's characteristic shine and texture. The frames are then hand-rubbed and hand-painted with a patina to compliment and increase the overall image of beauty and aesthetics for which his paintings are known. Each frame will take approximately 40 to 60 man hours to create. They are truly of museum quality.

Once a frame order has been received, it will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the scheduled start date for completion.

The cost of the frames run from $250.00 to $350.00 a linear foot (outside measurement), depending on your frame selection.

Please see a few of our frames in our Frame Gallery.


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