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Welcome to the Schoeller Giclee Prints section

Information about our prints

- All the prints you find available on our web site are printed in the artist's studio. Mr. Schoeller carefully corrects the colors of the print to match those of the original. This can only be done in the presence of the original painting. The process requires repeated prints to be made and carefully compared to the original. Numerous prints are gone through until the colors match perfectly. The Giclee printing process requires a true "artist's eye" which led us to develop our in house printing facility. We are able to create a print of any painting on the web site, at virtually any size on canvas, paper and even specialty mediums. Most all of the oil paintings are printed on a medium tooth (refers to the size of the canvas fibers) canvas, this being the closest to the original artist's canvas and the most popular. However many prints look stunning on artist's paper as well and can be specifically requested on paper. Watercolors such as Mr. Schoeller's Landscapes are always printed on artist's paper similar to the originals (the landscapes are currently only available on a custom order basis).

- Fine art giclee prints of Robert Schoeller's paintings accurately reproduce any of Robert Schoeller's works. Our giclee print reproductions are made using the latest high quality giclee printing technology. We use the highest quality archival inks on both our paper and canvas prints.

- Each giclee print is checked for color accuracy by the artist himself to ensure the giclee art print has the proper hue and saturation in each area of the print. The artist and printing staff work closely throughout each step of the printing process to create fine giclee art prints of the highest possible quality. This is the only way of ensuring the color tones and painting details are true to the artist's vision. Our printer delivers fine detail and uses some of the most advanced light-fast inks available designed to last for generations.

- If unspecified your print will be printed on medium texture canvas. This artists printing canvas lends more of the canvas texture to the print making it more closely approximate the painting. Prints have a very smooth surface as opposed the the painting itself which has various layers of paint. The extra texture of the medium canvas helps to offset this lack of paint texture. This coupled with our textured varnish application provides a very painting-like effect. While most clients prefer prints to be on medium texture artists canvas our giclee prints can also be printed on high quality fine art paper or rough canvas giving you an enduring fine art print reproduction with smooth or rough texture. If you have a special desire for a print on artist's paper or fine/rough texture canvas rather than medium texture canvas we will be happy to have one printed to your specifications.

Print Selection and Availability

- Giclee prints of Robert Schoeller's most popular paintings are printed on medium texture artist's canvas in 3-4 common sizes. You can select to purchase these giclee prints directly from the gallery. The ship time is listed at 1-3 weeks as some prints will need to be printed, allowed to dry and then varnished (also requires drying time). If you have a time constraint fee free to contact us for a more accurate shipping estimate. We offer free domestic ground shipping on all orders. International orders please email us for shipping charges.

- We offer custom prints of any of Robert Schoeller's works whether they are on display on this web site or were displayed at one of Robert Schoeller's shows or if you happen to own one of Robert Schoeller's original works and would like a giclee print reproduction made. If you see a painting you like which is not currently available as a giclee print please Email us for information about having a giclee print made of any Robert Schoeller painting.

-For a custom sized giclee print email us the name of the painting and either the height or width of the size print you would like for a price quote. Most custom prints will ship within the 1-3 week time frame.

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- Our canvas prints ship un-stretched. You will receive the canvas print in a roll which will need to be stretched and framed locally. We are equipped to stretch your prints for local pickup, however the cost of stretching, securely packing and shipping the print usually exceeds the cost of local stretching by a good margin. Contact us for a quote should local stretching not be an option for you.


Please allow 1-3 weeks for printing, varnishing, proofing & packaging of prints. In stock prints will ship faster however the only way currently to check our stock levels and exact ship time is to call us or send us an email. For out of stock prints please allow a minimum of 4-10 business days for printing, varnishing and color proofing. We will email you with an estimated ship time after receipt of an order.


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